Monday, February 14, 2011

The Key To My Kitchen Happiness

Last night I ordered pizza because I was in bed all day with a cold.  Today, as I drink my coffee, sneeze in rapid intervals and nurse myself back, I'm brainstorming dinner ideas for tonight.

I wrote a post a while back about what the key to my writing happiness was.  So I thought I would now do one that explores my kitchen/cooking happiness.

1. A clean house

2. Fresh flowers (I just love fresh flowers around the house)

3. I enjoy hearing and watching the Food Network while I am cooking, something about it is comforting. 

4. Sharing what I've made with the people I love.

5. Fresh ingredients, especially, fresh lemons and limes, herbs, and garlic.

6. I love chopping, it's therapeutic, except onions, that's just painful

7. A yummy beverage, even if it's an ice cold water with lemon.

8. My blender/food processor, my zester, and a good sharp knife.

9. My Kindle, I have cook books on it that I've found very helpful, especially Julia's Kitchen Wisdom.

10. Cookbooks, old and new.  Nothing is better than always being surrounded by books, at least for me that is the case.

Those are my top ten keys to kitchen/cooking happiness.  What are yours?


  1. Tidiness, good music, sharp knives and all the ingredients magically delivered so I don't have to go grocery shopping!

  2. Hi Lydia...I enjoyed your post, and look forward to seeing an entry on Herman, if you're still planning to write about that. In my kitchen, I love cleanliness and order, fresh ingredients, and time to let things simmer or roast. Thanks again for your comment on my blog recently. Blessings...Karen