Saturday, November 13, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Kindle

Not long ago, I wrote a post regarding my fear and lets face it, completely ignorant distaste for e-readers.  I was afraid of what they meant for the livelihood of good old fashioned paper books.

I said that I felt that I would miss the experience of feeling and smelling the paper in my hands while taking on the journey of a book.

I realize how, in our ever changing world of technology as well as the growing venues in which authors write and publish, that logically, this makes sense.  Due to a most gracious reader and comment left by them, I began giving my strong opinions on e-readers, much thought.

So I humbly come before you now and say, admit, I was wrong.  I believe that e-readers give more opportuinities for reading.  I know it has for me.  First, I downloaded Kindle on my Blackberry.  I read two full novels off that tiny screen because it was so accessible.  Then I downloaded it onto my laptop.  Once that was done I started feeling my foot making its way toward my mouth.

I decided that I not only wanted a Kindle but that I needed one.  As a writer, one MUST read, making time for reading when ever and where ever possible.  When I was able, I purchased one.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kindle and highly recommend them.  Not only are you able to read more often than normal but you are able to bring several, thousands if you desire, of different types of reading material, all in a compact way.  I love being able to bounce around different books and magazines at the touch of a button.

Much to my surprise, you are even able to access the web.  In fact, I am writing this very post from my Kindle.  I thought it was fitting.

Thank you to my readers for helping me see the light!