Monday, February 21, 2011

Turning a new leaf...

It's been four years almost exactly since I gave birth to my precious child.  It's been almost five years since I was married.  It's been just as long since I've felt confident about myself and the way I looked.  So today, I made a choice, finally, to get back to where I feel good about myself.  I joined Weight Watchers Online. I'm telling you only because I need to feel like I've made it known so that I will have that over my head.  Typing that out directly seems silly, but I think you know what I mean. 

My goal is to get to a healthy weight by summer as well as have a daily exercise routine made into a habit, which I've never really had, by this day next month.  I need to do this for not only me but for my four year old daughter.  She needs to grow up not hearing her mom complain about her appearance.  She needs to know that taking care of herself is key to being a well rounded person, confident and healthy.  She needs to never hear me say "I"m fat!" ever again!

I feel that in order for me to set a good example for her and insure that she grows up feeling confident and self assured.  There are too many things, too many people in this world that drag us down and make us question ourselves.  I want my insecurities to never be hers.


  1. You are beautiful, don't ever think otherwise. Why is it so hard for us as women to balance the love for family, (which involves cooking; and the love of cooking is such a pleasure)and the love of ourselves, (which is in itself such a difficult thing to do)? The quest for healthy and delicious recipes is a journey in itself; don't give up the pleasures of cooking- I just found your blog and I love to cook and love to read about other women who do the same. Love ya,


  2. Thanks Amy!! Love you too! Check out my new blog that will hopefully be better than this one...a step up in blog real estate. :)


  3. Good luck with it, but remember you're lovely whatever! r

  4. Good luck! I'm with you on the weight watchers.

    I love the headline banner by the way.

  5. This is amazing blog. Nice reading it.

  6. Ok. Enough is enough! Where is that tantalizing post about the beef bourguignon? I KNOW you have been in the kitchen....your fajitas were wonderful! Let us not talk about eating too much; hubs and I ate a whole cream cheese pound cake by ourselves (over several days of course!!) and I just put another one in the oven. Well! I am stressed! The house is still a maybe as far as being sold and my baby boston terrier, Pickles was spayed today and is not feeling good tonight. I HAD to make some comfort food for dessert! By-the-way, dinner tonight was Dorie Greenspan's Chicken Armagnac-yummy!