Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crème Fraiche Start to Finish

I've had creme fraiche on the brain the last couple of days. I started my experiement on Monday night (late) and am happy to report that:  my creme fraiche was a success.  Last night, I placed the thickened creme into a bowl after about 20 hours of standing, uncovered, on my kitchen counter, stirred it up and then transferred it to a clean mason jar and put it in the fridge.

This morning I pulled it out to use for breakfast.  I decided to use the creme in my scrambled eggs.
Look how thick and creamy it got!!

I beat a spoonful into my eggs and put them to the pan that was waiting with melted butter on medium heat.  Oh how I long for a gas stove.  Apartment living lends itself to becoming a better cook (it's what I tell myself) because you have to work with what your given.

Once all the egg mixture is in the pan I added salt and pepper and finished cooking it. 

There you have it...Scrambled eggs with creme fraiche, topped with asparagus and a dollop of my beautiful creation on top, cracked some pepper,  delicious! The creme fraiche added a rich smooth tangy-ness to the eggs.  So good!

Creme Fraiche Start - to - Finish!!

You can use this creme in place of sour cream, plain yogurt, mayonaise, or even whip cream.  Personally,  I'm going to figure out a sweet and tangy use for this yummy condiment.

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