Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recipe and Resentment

Yesterday I made braised pork chops with pan drippings, left over mashed potatoes (refreshed in the oven), and broccoli with hollandaise.  However my hollandaise was a disaster.  It was supposed to be the star of the plate, but, I failed.  Well I didn't exactly fail, I made it, it tasted good, and I had it sitting aside while I finished the meal.  I read that it can be good up to an hour and 1/2.  So I figured I would reheat it once the meal was ready. 

First let me just say that hollandaise sauce making kicked my butt.  I beat that stuff until I thought my arm was going to spin off my body.  Remember in Julie and Julia, Julie said that hollandaise was so good because it was "whipped into submission"...well she wasn't joking! So, there I was whipping and beating, beating and whipping my egg yolks and butter, for over 20 minutes I did this.  When it was finished I was pleased.  It was the color and consistency it was supposed to be and it tasted good. 

Cut to me in the kitchen, finished hollandaise standing by, I've just finished the rest of the meal and I've decided in my infinite stupidity that I would pop the sauce in the MICROWAVE (all I can say is that having a baby, even if it was four years ago, stole some brain cells).  I'm sure most people reading this would yell, NOOOO don't do that...well it's too late.  You see? I already did it and I ruined it.  I completely ruined my hollandaise sauce.  The butter separated and it looked like greasy yellow snot!

So the star of my dinner found it's destiny down my sink.  Did Julia Child ever screw up hollandaise sauce? Probably! But, the real question is, did Julia ever try to microwave her cooling hollandaise? Absolutely no chance.  I'm sure of it.

Later, after I had cleaned my kitchen and the kids and hubby were busy in other rooms I cleaned my cutting board.  I mention this because I found a way to get the smell of onions and garlic out of my wood cutting round.  Vinegar and baking soda.  It's amazing. 

It also takes the smell out of your drain and sink after you've cooked fish or something like that and the dishes stink.  I hate that.  Especially the next morning.  Eww, makes me cringe.

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