Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here a twitt there a twitt everywhere a twitt twitt!!
Twitter is a forum to make you feel lonely if you have no followers. I feel as though I'm walking down a street, able to look into every store I pass. Within each store is a different story, different music, different vibe. I stop and watch for a bit. I knock on the glass..."hello?" "oh hey I love that too" or "I have an opinion on that."
No one hears though, I'm talking to myself. I'm tweeting to twitters who can't or don't seem to hear me.
Oh the madness!
Why do I still log in every so often during my day to see what's happening?Human Nature, it must be, we all love to look into the lives of others. We want that connection.
My mission is to have at least 10 followers (which is a funny term for this because I feel like a puppy following the tweeters - oh someone throw me a bone) by August 1st... is that unreasonable?
Tweeters twitters, whatever!


  1. I would follow to help you get to your magic number, but alas...I already am!! Love your blog post, you should join us in the Make Us Laugh Monday blog funny lady.


  2. Lori,

    Do you know that by some whacky, alternate universe, weird science, I just now, on this day, JUNE 16, 2010, saw this comment! WHAT the WHA?

    Is it too late to join in the Make Us Laugh Monday????