Saturday, July 4, 2009

Signs I need some sort of REATREAT!!

1) I'm angry with love bugs - they get more action than I do lately and they feel the need to do it on me, near me, or around me. Little basards!

2) My daughters naptime is something I secretly hope for every morning when I open my eyes.

3) My husbands breathing pisses me off.

4) Randomly I want to rip off someones face, sometimes they're loved ones, other times strangers, I don't discriminate.

5) I'm forgetful, weepy, pissed, irrational, emotional, and feel as though being in a coma might not bad.

6) I beg for a disease or sickness that will force me into the hospital for a week or so, just to get some sleep and have food brought to me in bed.

7) I long for lonlieness.

8) I actually pray for #6.

9) Hate the sound of the words: mommy, Lydia, or Baby (husbands nickname for me), when it's uttered in regards to summoning me.

10) I get completely crazy (see #5) when the coffee table or chaise are out of line with the rest of the furniture.

11) I'm cussing (not something I do on a regular basis)...honestly this one was an afterthought of writing this list.


  1. Hey Lydia! Your blog is looking good. I enjoyed your list. Definitely find a retreat!

    I added myself as one of your 'followers' and look forward to seeing more of what you do on here. Head on over to my blog to 'follow me' as well:

    Happy writing!

    Lori A. May

  2. That was funny!! Thank you for linking that. I have filled out the form for the other site, you like it?

    Thank you for visiting and linking. I love to laugh!!!
    Lori @whenwelisten

  3. Wow, this sounds a little too close to how I am most of the time! Maybe I should try a retreat as well!! : )

  4. omg I too have been secretly fantasizing about going on some kind, any kind of retreat too. I've even been googling them even though there is no way I can go LOL