Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A thought I needed to voice

I'm sort of lost lately between my reasons for wanting to write. On one hand, I want to write for the art of it. On the other hand, I want to as a means to make some kind of income in this horrible economy as a stay at home mother. On the other hand, or I suppose we're on feet now, I want to write to be read. This is new for me. I've always wanted to write to share myself with others. Help them to feel and see things in a new way, a way they have never felt or seen before. This was always how I felt about writing, unwaveringly. Now, I'm torn between all the other reasons and feel like I've sold out on myself. Not a good feeling.

My hope? To write for the art, for the capability of sharing myself with others in an honest and moving way, while, being read and therefore making some income for our family.



  1. Have you actually run the figures on what you're making per hour writing? I must have worked 40 hours on my first sold short story. I made a cool $10 for the 2000-word piece of brilliance. I THINK that's less than minimum wage now, right?

    Do what you love. The money will follow. That's a book, I think.

    Thomas McAuley www.thomasmcauley.com

  2. I totally get what you mean… at first it was writing purely for expression… now there's this desire to write and share my perspective with others… hoping against all hope that I have something worthwhile to say… even something with monetary value. I believe this angst between art and commerce isn't new… but still a cause of anguish to many… me included.