Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Renewal Through Research

I've been blogging about my struggles with my WIP.  Yesterday, in an attempt to renew the fire for my WIP, I decided to do some research. 

When I first thought of the idea for my story I had to do quite a bit of research and I absolutely loved the process.  I've had to do small bits of research throughout as well, but it's been quite some time.

My story takes place in two different time periods, one being the early 1900's.  Yesterday, I got online and found some amazing things that indeed renewed that fire. 

When in doubt I shall research from now on because knowledge is power, or so says the saying, and I would have to agree, power over the looming mythical 'writers block'. 

I was able to find, which I hadn't before, a real town that my fictional town could be based on, giving me new ways to expand on the writing.  I also was able to find out further foundations for my characters so that they could parallel each other even more. 

Research, research, research!  Even if that information I find never makes it into the story, it gives me insight and power over my story.  Power that I have been lacking for a long time.  Research is Power!!!

What renews your fire when you've encountered that ghost we call 'writers block'?


  1. The information must help you to form your story, even though it doesn't surface very noticeably. I'll think of this next time when I'm stuck :)

  2. Reading a book-that always works if I read my fav author.

  3. Thanks for the comments...we have to stick together and what ever works for you just might help someone else. :)