Friday, August 21, 2009

~Real Simple Magazine Essay Contest~

Real Simple Magazine had an essay contest. You were to write an essay that answered this question:

I decided to write a short essay but thought it failed to be a submittable piece. Nevertheless, here it is. It was a fun prompt and made me think.

Some feel that they have become grown when they get their driver’s license, go off to college, become legal to drink, get married, or have a child. Others may believe that once you reach a certain age you’re a grown-up. I even used to think that at 30-years-old I would be a grown up.

I’m 32-years-old now and I know that’s not the case. Nor, for me, was it when I got married, in fact when I got married I was only 18-years-old, not even able to legally drink. At that time I was sure that I was grown, however, I realized very quickly that I was far from it. After a ten year marriage and divorce I was positive that I had not grown up yet, I had so much to learn, too many things to regret. By the time I re-married I was 29-years-old and I was beginning to think that I had this grown-up gig down pat. Two months after our marriage we found out we were pregnant. I knew at that moment that growing up was still in my future.

At this point I had lost three grandparents and this was when I realized what growing up is all about. It’s not an age, or an accomplishment, it’s a process, a feeling from within and one is really never grown up in the full sense of it. It’s the act of living each day, learning from our mistakes, watching our children grown into individuals.

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